thursday, september 29, 2011

california roll

The California roll is a maki-zushi (roll), a kind of sushi roll, usually made inside-out, containing cucumbercrab meat or imitation crab stick, and avocado. In some countries it is made with mango instead of avocado. Sometimes crab salad is substituted for the crab stick, and often the outer layer of rice (in an inside-out roll) is sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds or tobiko.


1 avocado
3/4 cup imitation crab
2 Tbsp mayonnaise
1/2 tsp salt
6 cups prepared sushi rice
4 sheets of nori (dried seaweed)
white sesame seeds

Peel an avocado and cut it into strips or mash it. Tear imitation crab into a bowl and season with salt and mayonnaise. Cover a bamboo rolling mat with plastic wrap. Put a sheet of dried seaweed on top of the mat. Spread a quarter portion of sushi rice on top of the nori sheet. Sprinkle sesame seeds over the sushi rice. Turn the sushi layer over so that the seaweed is on top. Place avocado and crab horizontally on the seaweed. Roll the bamboo mat forward, pressing the ingredients inside the cylinder-shaped sushi. Press firmly the bamboo mat with hands, then remove the rolled sushi. Make more rolls. Wipe a knife with a wet cloth before slicing sushi. Cut the sushi roll into bite-size pieces.

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